PETRA .. Who hasn’t seen pictures and dreamt about Petra ?

For me, who knew very little about the Middle East before moving to Dubai, there was nothing I wanted to see more than Petra and the Treasury in particular. Little did I know that the Siq and the Treasury are just the tip of the iceberg, the introduction to much more wonderful sights. I am really happy that we decided to spend 2 full days on site, as it was just the right amount of time to visit the mains sites but also go off the main touristic tracks.

In my humble opinions, these 3 hikes can’t be missed :

– The Monastery (Al-Deir) : After 2 hours of hikes, we reached the 2nd most spectacular sight in Petra. Pretty similar to the Treasury in term of architecture , but more massive in proportions. Keeping the Monastery behind us, we walked a little further, to reach an other breath taking view point. If you are afraid of great height, I recommend to stay put !

– Treasury from the top : Yes, the view of the Treasury walking out the Siq is spectacular, but it is a great idea to change your perspective on this famous sight. To reach on the alternative view point, take the stairs behind the Royals Tombs and just keep going up ! At some point, you have to take a wild path towards the left, that goes slightly downwards. You night feel you are lost, but keep going, you won’t regret it ! You will eventually find a Bedouin Tent, sitting of the edge of a cliff, with the spectacular view ! It is so off the beaten track, that we were only 3 when we reached there !

– High Place of Sacrifice : After the Treasury and before the Street of Facades, there is a staircase on your left side. This 1 hour hike leads to some more spectacular view of the Petra and Wadi Musa surroundings

The Siq

Hello you grumpy face !


Tetra Tree hotel: A very nice hotel with large rooms, and a very attractive rooftop overlooking Wadi Musa. It is very disappointing that the breakfast is served indoor in a large and cold room with little to no decoration, when the have such a rooftop. Maybe it was a matter of temperature … .

Be careful that the hotel is not walking distance from Petra entrance, so you will either have to take your car (there is ample parking at the entrance of Petra) or hop into a cab which should only cost you a few JOD . 90 USD / night.


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