When I tell people I lived 6 years in Singapore, the 2 most common questions to follow are usually “Did you travel a lot ?” and “What country would you recommend the most?”.The answer to the former is usually “Quite a bit” and to the latter is “Myanmar” !!

I was lucky enough to visit Myanmar (or Burma) in 2012 ! I really knew nothing much about this country, but I really wanted to check out the Bagan Temples. But then we booked a 10 day trip with 2 of my girlfriends, and quickly discovered that the country is so much more than just the temples !

Back then, everything was still very “complex” : from getting a visa, to changing money on the black market, from entering the country with a batch of brand new USD notes and no credit card, to trying to connect to the extra slow internet at the internet cafe, everything was an adventure. But a marvellous one.

Till today, I think it is a truly unique experience to be able to discover a country that is so disconnected from the modern world. And to be frank, I am not too sure how many such countries are left in the world.

Since 2012 much has changed in Myanmar, both from a political and economic point of view. And accordingly the tourism sector has developed tremendously. That is why I truly believe you should visit as soon as possible, before it looses its authenticity !!!

It was a nerve breaking effort to choose only 10 pictures, but here is what I finally came up with :

Oups … I might have added one or two more … Nobody noticed right ???

Let me know what you think about Myanmar, if you have been and if you feel inspired to go !

A tres vite,


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