Morocco has been one of the most popular holidays destination lately, and seeing so many pictures of gorgeous riads, colourful souks and boho desert camps on Instagram is what decided me to book a 10 road day trip in Morocco last May. Ahhh the power of social media!

Having only a limited amount of time, we had to make some strategic choices when building our itinerary. Neither my boyfriend nor I like to move everyday from one place to the next, so unfortunately we had to leave a lot out of the itinerary.

Below is a quick overview of our 10 day road trip in Morocco :

  • Day 1 : Fly from Dubai to Casablanca and drive to Chefchaouen
  • Day 2 : Explore Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl
  • Day 3 : Morning in Chefchaouen and drive to Fez in the evening
  • Day 4 : Visit of Fez
  • Day 5 : Visit of Volubilis
  • Day 6 : Drive to Marrakesh, with a stopover in Rabat
  • Day 7 : Visit of Marrakesh
  • Day 8 : Morning in Marrakesh and afternoon in the Agafay desert
  • Day 9 : Agafay desert and drive back to Casablanca in the evening
  • Day 10 : Morning visit of Hassan II mosque. Fly back to Dubai


Before going into more details of the itinerary, I would like to explain some of the choices we made for our 10 day trip in Morocco . We flew to Casablanca because it’s the only direct flight from Dubai. Flying to Tanger or Rabat could also be good options depending on your itinerary. We didn’t include a desert stop in the itinerary (Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou etc.) because living in Dubai we have seen plenty of dunes and camels! But if this is new to you, definitely consider adding it to your trip. I would have loved to squeeze in Essaouira, but it was just too short. If you are willing to move around more quickly than I do, you can probably plan Essaouira after Marrakesh for a bit of sea side relaxation.

So without further ado, below is my complete 10 day road trip in Morocco.


Casablanca airport to Chefchaouen – 370 km – 6h drive

Upon landing at Casablanca airport, we picked up our rental car and drove towards Chefchaouen. It took us around 6 hours to reach this gorgeous little mountain town and to get there we drove through some beautiful green landscapes I never expected to see in Morocco.

Rather exhausted after nearly 18h of travel, we quickly checked into Dar Hannan, found the strength to go for a quick dinner outside and got to bed for a well reserved rest.

The next day and a half was dedicated to exploring Chefchaouen, shopping and eating our first tagines! You can find the complete guide of my 2 days in Chefchaouen here.

Morocco Road Trip Chefchaouen view


Chefchaouen to Fez – 200 km – 4h drive

Arriving in Fez in the evening, we checked into the beautiful Riad Idrissy and spent the evening there, relaxing and planning for the upcoming days.

The next day, after a couple of hiccups, we finally started exploring the medina. As you can read in my article How to survive Fez Medina, getting around town is not an easy and relaxing experience, but there are so many gorgeous places to check , it will easily keep you busy a day or two. Some must do include the Medersa Bou Inania and the Chaouwara Tanneries.

For the next day, we had the choice between visiting New Fez, the Royal Palace and the Jewish quarter; or going to Volubilis, which is what we decided to do.

Morocco Road Trip Fes Market


Fez to Volubilis – 95km – 1.30h drive

Under 2h drive from Fez, Volubilis is a Unesco World Heritage archeological site, famous for its preserved mosaics. Despite the gloomy weather it was very nice walking around the Roman ruins, something I really didn’t expect to find in Morocco. It was a also a refreshing break from the hectic Medina of Fez.

Although that day we were not in the mood for further exploration, it’s apparently well worth stopping by the nearby town of Moulay Idriss, one of Morocco most important pilgrimage site, where is buried Moulay Idriss itself, the great grand son of prophet Mohammed, and Morocco first Islamic leader.

Morocco Road Trip Volubilis Ruins

Morocco Road Trip Volubilis Ruins


Fez – Rabat – Marrakech – 530 km – 6h drive

Stopping by Rabat was not part of the initial plan, but my better half insisted that we do a quick stop on our way to Marrakesh. He lived in Rabat a few years as a kid and was eager to see the city again and show me around …

Rabat was a very positive surprise ! We only spent a few hours there, visiting the Hassan Tower, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, the Kasbah and a tiny part of the souqs. But unlike Fez and Marrakesh, Rabat feels calm, clean and very relaxing.

We stopped for tea and pastries in Cafe Maure and enjoyed the view over the Sale estuary. Lastly, we went shopping for ceramics in the Oulja Pottery Complex. This is the best place if you want to buy ceramic, baskets etc … straight from the artisans and at a very good price!

To be completely honest, I think Rabat would have deserved a full day of visit, instead of the few hours we dedicated to it.

Rabat view from Cafe Maure Kashbah

Morocco Road Trip Rabat Hassan Tower

We arrived in Marrakesh late in the evening, checked in and had dinner in the beautiful Riad Talaa 12.


Finally in Marrakesh !! I have been dreaming of this city for months and couldn’t wait to see of all it ! Unfortunately, Marrakesh left me a little disappointed, as I didn’t get to see some of the top sights in the city : the Ali Ben Youssef Medersa and the Bahia palace were both closed for renovation, and I gave up on Le Jardin Marjorelle and the YSL museum when I saw the 2h queue needed to get in !

I will write a complete article about Marrakesh soon, so stay tuned.

Morocco Road Trip Marrakech Carpet store

Morocco Road Trip Marrakech Koutoubia mosque

Marrakech Rooftop terrace Riad Talaa 12

On day 8, in the evening we drove to the Agafay desert to spend the night in a beautiful desert camp, Terre des Etoiles. We were greeted by a gorgeous sunset and a nice outdoor dinner.


Marrakech to Terre des Etoiles – 35km – 1h

If you have done some researches about Morocco on Instagram lately, chances are you have seen dreamy pictures of the Scarabeo camp, a luxurious desert camp in the Agafay desert.

Unfortunately the camp was fully booked for that night, and so I decided to book at Terre des Etoiles, which looked quite similar in quality and atmosphere. The camp is everything I was looking for, beautifully decorated tents, outdoor patios and no wifi! I could easily have spent a few more days in this relaxing oasis, doing nothing else than reading a book.

Morocco Road Trip Terre des Etoiles desert view

Morocco Road Trip Terre des Etoiles desert view

Morocco Road Trip Terre des Etoiles desert view

Another camp that you could consider in the area is the eco lodge La Pause. I was very keen on staying there but sadly I never managed to get hold of them.

Unfortunately it was the end of the holidays already and we drove back to Casablanca late afternoon.


Marrakesh to Casablanca – 240km – 3h

Early morning, before heading to the airport we stopped by the spectacular Hassan II mosque, the city’s main landmark and one of the largest mosques in the world. Once again we were quite unlucky to find the mosque closed, but the view from outside is already breathtaking.

We snapped a few pictures and quickly headed to the airport, and straight back to Dubai.

Morocco Road Trip Casablanca Hassan II mosque

This was my 10 day road trip in Morocco ! I hope you find it useful to organise your own trip.

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below if you have any suggestion !

Love, Emma