Hey there!

My name is Emmanuelle, but you can call me Emma!

I’m a 35 years old French native. I left my beautiful country after graduating from university in 2009 to start my professional life across the globe, in the bustling city of Singapore. During my 6 years in the Red Dot, I traveled across South East Asia and developed a passion for travel and photography. In 2016, I followed my better half to Dubai, eager to discover a new region, new cultures, new people.

BonjourSunset was created shortly after landing in Dubai.

I started blogging to share my passion for travel and photography, and provide inspiring and helpful content for anyone planning a trip. I create country itineraries, hotel reviews, packing guides, and general travel tips and recommendations.

I get excited by all sorts of destinations, both urban and nature, but I don't survive long in the cold, so you can expect to see mostly sunny, summery destinations on the blog!

I visited 35 countries in the past 10 years and hope to discover more soon, when and where it is safe to do so!


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